Created by CheerioFX


“The FusionX client is a revolutionary client that has the best hacks of both worlds: Blatant hacks and Ghost hacks. With its GhostClient and GhostAura hack, it’s 100% impossible to detect. For the blatant side, it comes with the most glitch-free infinite reach, infinite chest stealer, and even infinite item pickup powered by the FusionX Pathfinder AI Algorithm which bypasses non-anticheat AND anticheats such as Guardian. It also has flight hacks that work seamlessly on Cubecraft and Hypixel. The best part is, it is UNIQUE! It comes with never-seen-before hacks such as SafeFall, InstantDrop, InstantStop, Egg Finder, Multi-Server & More!” – CheerioFX

TabGUI = Arrow Keys
ClickGUI = Right Shift

Special Features:
– Infinite Reach(FusionX Pathfinder AI Integrated)
– Infinite Chest Stealer/InfiniteEggAura(Break, Steal, or Right click a block automatically from anywhere in the map!)
– SuperMagnet(Pickup all items from anywhere in the map!)
– User-friendly & Customizable ClickGUI
– Ghost Client Mode
– Bypasses Badlion
– Bypasses Cubecraft and Hypixel
– Optifine
– & Much More! Try the client out yourself to find the easter eggs 🙂