LiquidBounce Client Mod (1.19.4, 1.20.4)

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May 9, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named LiquidBounce Client Mod

Created by CCBlueX


Introducing the LiquidBounce Client Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2), a fantastic free and open-source mixin-based modification for Minecraft that utilizes the Fabric API or Forge. This powerful mod offers significant advantages over other players, allowing you to enjoy the game to its full potential. With features such as customizable HUD, ClickGUI, and XRay, this is the perfect enhancement for your Minecraft experience.

One of the key features of LiquidBounce is its JavaScript API, which empowers users to develop their own modules and share them with the community. If you ever feel like the client lacks a certain module or command, you can easily create it yourself with just a few lines of code. This not only enhances your experience but also contributes to the overall development of the mod.

Another great aspect of LiquidBounce is the ability to customize the HUD to match your personal preferences. If the standard design does not appeal to you or meet your needs, you can easily modify it to create the perfect visual experience for your gameplay. The customizable HUD ensures that your Minecraft world looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

Moreover, LiquidBounce features a visually stunning custom main menu with a beautiful shader background. This striking design adds a touch of sophistication and style to your Minecraft experience, enhancing both the aesthetics and the functionality of the game.

The ClickGUI feature allows users to configure all modules directly within the interface, providing a seamless and effective way to manage your settings. With its straightforward design, ClickGUI ensures that you can navigate the mod's features with ease, improving your overall gaming experience.

Additionally, the XRay feature enables you to see valuable resources, such as ores and other valuable blocks, through the ground. This invaluable tool allows you to gather resources more efficiently and gain the upper hand in your Minecraft world.

Finally, the Nuker feature is an incredibly powerful tool that instantly destroys all blocks around you. However, caution must be exercised when using this feature, as accidental activation can lead to unintended consequences.

In conclusion, the LiquidBounce Client Mod is a must-have for any Minecraft enthusiast seeking to enhance their gameplay experience. With its customizable HUD, user-friendly JavaScript API, beautiful shader background, and numerous other features, this mod offers unparalleled advantages over other players. Experience the ultimate Minecraft adventure with LiquidBounce and join the ever-growing community of users who have discovered the incredible world of enhanced gameplay.

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LiquidBounce Client Mod 1.20.4


LiquidBounce Client Mod 1.20.3


LiquidBounce Client Mod 1.20.2


LiquidBounce Client Mod 1.20.1


LiquidBounce Client Mod 1.19.4


LiquidBounce Client Mod 1.18.2


LiquidBounce Client Mod 1.18.1


LiquidBounce Client Mod 1.12.2


LiquidBounce Client Mod 1.8.9



1.20.4 1.20.3 1.20.2 1.20.1 1.19.4