Elingo's End Update Addon (1.19)

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May 7, 2023
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Created by Captain_Elingo


Experience a revitalized End dimension with Elingo's End Update Addon (version 1.19), transforming the empty space into a vibrant purple forest. The addon introduces four new ores - Enderite Ore, Darkium Ore, End Diamond Ore, and End Iron Ore - found exclusively in the End dimension. Craft tools and armor with greater durability and strength than Netherite using these unique ores.

To begin, you'll need a diamond pickaxe to mine Enderite Ore, which drops raw Enderite that must be smelted to obtain Enderite ingots. Additionally, explore the End dimension to find Diamond Ore and Iron Ore. Discover End berry bushes scattered throughout the area, which can be harvested using Enderite shears. End Fruits dangle from End Trees and can be found at various stages of growth.

Elingo's addon includes new structures, such as End Well, End Ruin, and End House. Stripped end logs can be obtained by right-clicking on logs using any axe. The addon also introduces numerous new items and blocks, including:

- Crying End Tree
- End Tear (from Crying End leaves)
- End Fruit Soup
- Cracked End Bricks
- Polished End Stone, Slabs, and Stairs
- Mossy End Bricks, Slabs, and Stairs
- End Planks, Wood Slabs, and Wood Stairs
- End Door and Trapdoor

Create farms and pathways using the end grass block, and craft Enderite Shears to harvest new resources. Discover all the new ores featured in this addon:

- Enderite Ore
- Darkium Ore
- End Diamond Ore
- End Iron Ore

For crafting recipes for tools and armor, please refer to the installation guide. Before installing, ensure all necessary Experimental Gameplay Options have been activated. Follow these guides on how to install various Minecraft PE content:

- Mod/Addon installation guide
- Texture Packs installation guide
- Map installation guide

Explore Elingo's End Update Addon (1.19) and unlock the potential of the End dimension in Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19. Download links are available for this enhanced gaming experience.


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Elingo's End Update Addon 1.19