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May 7, 2023
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Created by OX Studios


Discover a new way to explore dark areas in Minecraft with the Flashlight Addon (1.19). This handy tool not only enhances exploration but also brings an extra dimension to horror maps and survival gameplay. Compatible with most addons, it doesn't necessitate a player.json but does require a setup for seamless functioning. Follow the instructions provided below to set up and enjoy the benefits of having a flashlight while traversing through dark and dangerous areas, making your gameplay more engaging and immersive.

Setting up the Flashlight Addon:
1. In your Minecraft world, place a repeating command block (Always Active, 0-tick delay) and enter the command: function flashlight_beam.
2. Stand on top of the repeating command block and add a ticking area by entering the command: /tickingarea add ~~~ ~~~ oxstudio_initializer.

This setup is needed as tick.json sometimes causes light flickering, and the author has not found other ways to maintain consistent lighting without resorting to a repeating command block.

Flashlight Properties:
- Toggle ON or OFF by right-clicking (PC) or long-pressing (mobile).
- Separate models for the flashlight's on/off states.

Crafting Recipe:
- 4 iron ingots
- 1 copper ingot
- 1 glass
- 1 redstone lamp

- Offhand functionality is not yet available as the author is still completing the first-person display for the offhand.
- No battery required (endless durability), but a battery-powered subpack option will be added for players seeking a more immersive experience.
- The flashlight identifies the nearest solid block within a 10-block range and prevents light from penetrating the adjacent solid block, providing a realistic light beam suitable for horror maps and survival gameplay.

Installation Note:
Use this addon with Minecraft version 1.19.50 or above. It may work with 1.19.20 but is not compatible with versions lower than 1.19.10. Ensure that cheats and the appropriate experimental toggles are enabled.

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Flashlight Addon 1.19