Honey And Bears Addon (1.19)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Honey And Bears Addon

Created by RabanoMay


Introducing the Honey and Bears Addon (version 1.19), an expansion that adds a variety of new features to your Minecraft experience, including additional food items, blocks, flowers, and animals such as grizzly bears, lions, hyenas, zebras, toucans, muddy pigs, skeleton wolves, capybaras, and crows. This addon is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Key Features:

Grizzly Bears: Aggressive bears that attack monsters in their vicinity. Can be bred with salmon, honey bottles, honeycomb, sweet berries, honey berries, and big honey bottles. May drop honeycomb or salmon upon death. Spawns in flower forests and taiga biomes. Comes in two different snout variants.

Toucans: Pets extracted from Minecraft Dungeons with 10 health. Can be tamed with seeds and healed with apples. Found in jungle biomes, with two distinct beak and tail variants.

Capybaras: Friendly and adorable creatures that can be tamed and healed with apples or golden apples. Have 10 health in the wild and 20 when tamed. Found in plains and swamps.

Crows: Untamable creatures with 10 health that fly around the world. Found in swamps, savannahs, and deserts. Future updates will provide additional uses for crows.

Skeleton Wolves: Hostile creatures from Minecraft Earth that spawn at night and die in sunlight. Can be found as babies or adults.

Muddy Pigs: Unique pigs found in mangrove swamps. Their drops include mangrove propagules.

Lions: Dominant creatures in the savanna biome with 30 health and 6 damage. They may steal items from the ground, including armor, becoming more powerful. Found in packs.

Zebras: Untamable wild animals found in the savanna. Can be ridden and bred like horses.

Hyenas: Distrustful yet lethal creatures that attack larger animals but flee from lions. Attracted to food, particularly honey, and can be bred.

Exiled Merchant: Expelled villagers who sell stolen items and trash to survive. Found in the plains biome.

Big Bottle and Big Honey Bottle: Larger versions of the glass and honey bottles, providing 10 nutrition and acting as milk.

Crystallized Honey: Crafted by cooking honeycomb, with a corresponding block made from 9 crystallized honey items. Provides 4 nutrition.

Flowers: Five


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