MAGIS Addon (1.19)

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May 10, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named MAGIS Addon

Created by Hams22


Have you ever dreamed of possessing magical powers like those in Minecraft, such as elemental abilities? Look no further, as the MAGIS Addon (1.19) offers 15 unique magical staffs with distinct powers and abilities, along with two new armors featuring special capabilities.

Crafting and Forging: To get started with creating your magical items, you will need the following:

Magical Crafting Table: This essential block is employed to craft all the cores needed as materials for staff and armor.

Magical Forge: This block is responsible for combining the cores with the base staff, which will ultimately create the staff with its unique abilities.

Cores: These materials are later combined with the base staff in the magical forge to create a variety of staffs.

Elemental Cores include:

- Ice Core: Used to craft the Ice Staff.
- Fire Core: Used to create the Fire Staff.
- Thunder Core: Used for the Thunder Staff.
- Earth Core: Used to make the Earth Staff.
- Acid Core: Used in crafting the Acid Staff.
- Water Core: Used for the Water Staff.
- Amethyst Core: Used to create the Amethyst Staff.
- Wind Core: Used to make the Wind Staff.
- Sand Core: Used for the Sand Staff.
- Poison Core: Used to craft the Poison Staff.

Mob Cores include:

- Skeleton Core: Used for the Skeleton Staff.
- Wither Skeleton Core: Used to create the Wither Skeleton Staff.
- Zombie Core: Used for the Zombie Staff.
- Creeper Core: Used to make the Creeper Staff.

Armor Cores consist of:

- Speed Core: Used to craft the Speed Suit.
- Stealth Core: Used for the Stealth Suit.

There are 15 different types of staffs in each category, according to the core that has been combined with the base staff:

Base Staff: This staff must be combined with a core in the magical forge before it can be used. Craft the base staff on the crafting table.

Elemental Staffs include:

- Ice Staff: Shoots an ice ball for 6 damage on hit and splash damage by 5 within a 2.5-block range.
- Fire Staff: Shoots a fireball for 6 damage on hit and spreads 3x3 fire.
- Thunder Staff: Summons a lightning bolt within a range of 7 blocks ahead. (Requires a thunderstorm to craft)
- Earth Staff: Summons earth spikes within a 5


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MAGIS Addon 1.19