Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon (1.19)

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May 6, 2023
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Created by Four Worlds Studios


Introducing the Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon (1.19), designed to provide you and your friends with an exciting Battlegrounds-style gaming experience. This addon features gun-based gameplay, loot collection, and competitive action with friends. Discover new structures, collect powerful weapons, and engage in fierce battles to come out on top!

Key Features of Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon:

- Engage in thrilling kill-or-be-killed gameplay with friends
- Explore and loot structures to find valuable weapons and items
- More structures and guns to be added in future updates

Unique Gameplay Elements:

- Structures: Discover loot-filled structures that randomly generate throughout the game world
- Loot Crates: Break open crates to collect valuable items and weapons
- Guns: Find a variety of powerful firearms, with rarer guns offering greater capabilities

Notable Weapons in Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon:

- P1911
- P92
- M416
- RPG 26

Additional Features:

- Go Prone: Hide from enemies by laying on your front instead of sneaking
- Body Armor and Helmets: Enhance your protection with armor and helmets found in loot crates
- Medical Gear: Heal yourself during battles with items like energy drinks and bandages
- Throwables: Use items like grenades and spray paint to gain an advantage in combat
- Customize Your Guns: Change the color of your weapons with spray paint cans
- Wall Protection: Craft wooden walls for temporary protection during battles
- Ghillie Suit: Become nearly invisible with the Ghillie Armor found in loot crates

Installation Requirements:

- Ensure Experimental Features are active for this addon to function properly

How to Install:

- Follow instructions on installing mods/addons, texture packs, and maps for Minecraft PE
- Download the Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon (1.19) for Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

Get ready for an action-packed gaming experience with the Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon (1.19) and experience a whole new level of Minecraft gameplay.


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Minecraft Battlegrounds Addon 1.19