Miniature Structures Addon (1.19)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Miniature Structures Addon

Created by CrazyRap


Enhance your Minecraft world with unique mini structures, houses, and buildings using the Miniature Structures Addon 1.19. This addon offers a wide range of miniature structures for crafting and building your very own miniature town.

Key Features:

- The addon includes six new structure blocks:
- Villager Houses
- Village Structures (excluding Houses)
- Desert Village
- Pocket End Portal (note: this can also be obtained as a separate addon for use in survival maps)
- Other Structures (such as jungle temples, witch huts, and trees)
- Snowy Village

- Different crafting recipes are available for each type of structure.

Installation Instructions:

To use this addon, ensure that you enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options. For detailed installation guides, refer to the following resources:

- How to Install a Mod/Add-on in Minecraft PE
- How to Install Texture Packs in Minecraft PE
- How to Install a Map in Minecraft PE

Download Links:

Get the Miniature Structures Addon (1.19) for Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19 at these download links.


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Download link for Miniature Structures Addon

Miniature Structures Addon 1.19