Mutant Warden Addon (1.19)

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May 7, 2023
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Created by StingedBee


Introducing the Mutant Warden Addon (1.19) for Minecraft, an enhanced gaming experience featuring two formidable creatures – the Mutant Warden and the Mutant Soul Warden. This addon is perfect for players seeking a more challenging Minecraft adventure.

The Mutant Warden is a more powerful and larger version of the standard warden. With just one hit in survival mode, it can eliminate a player or vanquish 10 iron golems. Impressive, isn't it?

Mutant Warden Stats:
- Health Points (HP): 1200
- Attack Damage: 40
- Sonic Boom Shriek Damage: 15
- Sonic Boom Shriek Cooldown: 2 seconds

To spawn the Mutant Warden, you'll need 1 Nether Star, 4 Sculk Catalysts, and 4 Sculk. It drops 1 Nether Star, 1 Sculk Catalyst, 1 Sculk Shrieker, and 1 Sculk upon defeat.

The Mutant Soul Warden is an even more powerful foe, boasting deer-like antlers and greater strength than both the regular and Mutant Warden. It can easily defeat over 10 iron golems.

Mutant Soul Warden Stats:
- Health Points (HP): 1500
- Attack Damage: 45
- Sonic Boom Shriek Damage: 16
- Sonic Boom Shriek Cooldown: 1.8 seconds

To spawn the Mutant Soul Warden, gather 4 Soul Sand, 4 Soul Soil, and 1 Nether Star. Upon defeat, it drops 4 Soul Sand, 4 Soul Soil, and 1 Nether Star.

The addon also introduces two new weapons: the Sculk Sword and the Soul Sword. The Sculk Sword, crafted from 2 Sculk and 1 Stick, deals 8 damage and has a durability of 784. Meanwhile, the Soul Sword, made from 1 Soul Soil, 1 Soul Sand, and 1 Stick, deals 9 damage and possesses a durability of 1002.

Before installing, ensure that Experimental Gameplay is activated. For detailed installation instructions, refer to guides on installing mods, texture packs, and maps in Minecraft PE.

Download the Mutant Warden Addon (1.19) for an exciting and challenging Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19 experience!


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Mutant Warden Addon 1.19