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May 10, 2023
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Created by TheJustileMods


Introducing the New Bosses Addon (1.19), an innovative plugin that adds a variety of new bosses to Minecraft, expanding on the existing Warden and Iron Golem varieties. With this addon, players can now experience enhanced gameplay, facing challenging adversaries with unique attributes, including varying levels of damage, health, resistance, and special abilities.

Key Features:
- 6 New Varieties of Wardens
- 5 New Varieties of Golems
- Regular updates with the addition of new bosses

This addon is currently under development, with new bosses being added in upcoming updates. Explore the diverse range of Wardens and Golems, each with their own distinctive characteristics and origins:

- Corrupted Warden: Damage: 100, Health: 800 (Origin: Nether, Drops netherite ingots on death)
- Wild Warden: Damage: 50, Health: 550
- Evil Warden: Damage: 200, Health: 900 (Origin: Frozen Areas)
- Garden Warden: Damage: 21, Health: 100 (Origin: Overworld)
- Skeleton Warden: Damage: 15, Health: 50 (Origin: Warden's Fort)
- Evolutionary Warden: Damage: 1000, Health: 950 (Extinct Warden)

- Amethyst Golem: Damage: 21-7, Health: 50 (Movement: Slow, Crafting Recipe)
- Netherrack Golem: Damage: 21-7, Health: 36 (Movement: Fast, Crafting Recipe)
- Obsidian Golem: Damage: 21-7, Health: 300 (Crafting Recipe)
- Netherite Golem: Damage: 21-7, Health: 300 (Crafting Recipe)
- Bedrock Golem

The Bedrock Golem is a powerful new mob added to Minecraft, boasting far greater strength than the traditional iron golem. With infinite health, survival players cannot even hit its hitbox. However, the golem can be defeated with creative thought. Despite appearing damaging, the golem will not take any damage if attacked in creative mode.

Bedrock Golem Stats:
- Name: Bedrock Golem
- Entity Type: Minecraft:iron_golem
- Health: Infinite (Max 999)
- Attack Damage: 25
- Invulnerable: Yes
- Movement Speed:


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