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May 10, 2023
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Minecraft Java Edition's newest update introduced spawn eggs for the game's powerful boss mobs and golems, but these eggs have yet to make an appearance in the Bedrock Edition, even after two weeks since the release. If you're excited to test out these new additions, the New Spawn Eggs Addon (1.19) is the ideal solution, offering four new technical spawn eggs to enhance your gaming experience.

Features: The New Spawn Eggs Addon (1.19) grants you access to four unique spawn eggs for the Snow Golem, Iron Golem, Ender Dragon, and Wither Boss. These eggs can only be acquired through the creative inventory and are not available in survival mode. It's important to note that the spawn eggs for the two golems are accessible in the creative inventory, while the other two require the use of commands.

The spawn eggs for the powerful bosses, Ender Dragon and Wither, are obtainable exclusively through commands. Due to their highly destructive capabilities, you'll need to be an operator to gain access to these eggs.

Snow Golem Spawn Egg: Summon a friendly Snow Golem to defend against hostile mobs.

Iron Golem Spawn Egg: Create a powerful Iron Golem to protect villagers and fend off dangerous creatures.

Wither Spawn Egg: Unleash the formidable Wither Boss to challenge your combat skills.

Ender Dragon Spawn Egg: Conjure the fearsome Ender Dragon to face the ultimate Minecraft boss battle.

The Golem spawn eggs are even compatible with mob spawners, providing a continuous supply of these helpful protectors. However, compatibility with mob spawners does not extend to the dragon and Wither spawn eggs for obvious reasons – they are far too destructive!

Installation Note: To ensure the addon functions correctly, be sure to enable experiments in your Minecraft settings.

How to Install: For a smooth installation process, follow these step-by-step guides on how to install mods, addons, texture packs, and maps for Minecraft PE:

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New Spawn Eggs Addon (1.19) Download Links: To start enjoying the exciting addition of these new spawn eggs in Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19, download the addon from the provided links. Once installed, get ready to enhance your Minecraft experience with these powerful boss mobs and golems. Happy gaming!


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