Old Pigman Plus Addon (1.19)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Old Pigman Plus Addon

Created by IsraOrbit


Introducing the Old Pigman Plus Addon (v1.19), which brings back the classic Pigman to Minecraft without replacing the Zombified Piglin. This updated version offers new features and benefits for players, such as the ability to trade with Zombie Pigmen using a new material called Netherink, similar to trading with Piglins. Moreover, you can now heal Zombie Pigmen by transporting them to the Overworld.

Key Features:

- Old Zombie Pigmen spawn in Warped Forest and Basalt biomes, equipped with Netherink swords and possibly Netherink armor. Beware while wearing armor or holding a golden sword or axe, as they will attack on sight.
- Attacking or provoking a Zombie Pigman will cause nearby Pigmen to attack as well.
- You can trade with some Zombie Pigmen by throwing Netherink at them.
- To cure a Zombie Pigman, bring them to the Overworld (it won't work in the Nether). Once there, throw a potion of strength and give them a Netherink carrot to turn them into a neutral Pigman.
- Neutral Pigmen will attack in packs if provoked. You can tame them with Netherink carrots, giving them professions and making them follow you.
- Pigmen can be cured with carrots and golden carrots and will trade items based on their professions.

Professions include Armorer, Butcher, Cartographer, Cleric (does not attack, throws weak potions and uses regeneration potions when attacked), Farmer, Fisherman, Fletcher, Leatherworker, Librarian (does not attack, throws slowness potions and uses healing potions when attacked), Shepherd, Stonemason, Toolsmith (uses a bow with slowing arrows), and Weaponsmith.

Brute Zombie Pigman Variant:

- Spawns in Nether Fortresses, is aggressive towards players, and alerts other nearby Zombie Pigmen.
- Has 45 health and wields a Netherink axe.

Netherink Ore:

- Rare but found in clusters, with each block yielding 1-2 Netherink fragments.
- Combine 9 fragments to create a Netherink ingot, used for crafting armor, tools, and weapons.
- Netherink tools have a 425 durability, equivalent damage to iron tools, and grant a temporary speed boost when used.
- Netherink armor provides greater protection than iron but less than diamond, with each piece granting specific potion effects.

Installation Note:

Ensure that


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Old Pigman Plus Addon 1.19