Power Rangers Legacy Addon (1.19)

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May 7, 2023
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Created by Four Worlds Studios


Ever imagined yourself as a Power Ranger, battling villains in a technologically advanced Power Suit with incredible abilities? Now your dream can become a reality! Introducing the Power Rangers Legacy Addon (1.19), where you and your friends can transform into Power Rangers and tackle any challenge that comes your way!

- Becoming a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger isn't a walk in the park; you must prove your worth! Play Minecraft as usual, but watch out for Putty Patrollers at night. Defeat them and collect the Putty they drop!

Putty Patrollers:
- These foes spawn in any biome during nighttime and will drop Putty upon defeat. Be sure to gather it!

Command Center:
- Located in desert biomes, the Command Centers are home to Zordon and Alpha 5. When you've collected enough Putty, trade with Alpha 5 for a Morpher. Next, you'll need a Power Coin!

Zeo Crystal Ore:
- Found in small quantities in all biomes, mining Zeo Crystal Ore grants you Zeo Crystals. Collect a sufficient amount of a single color and bring them to Alpha 5 to obtain a Power Coin.

It's Morphin Time:
- With your Morpher and Power Coin in hand, it's time to Morph! Insert your Power Coin into the Morpher and use it to gain amazing abilities to aid you in battling enemies!

Installation Note:
- Make certain to activate Experimental Gameplay.

How to Install:
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Power Rangers Legacy Addon (1.19) Download Links:
- Available for Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19


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Power Rangers Legacy Addon 1.19