RealSource TRAILER RTX Pack (1.19)

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May 10, 2023
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Introducing a fresh Minecraft texture pack inspired by the captivating visuals in Minecraft trailers! If you love the stunning look of Minecraft trailers, then this pack is the ideal choice for you. The RealSource Trailer RTX Pack (1.19) features an exquisite 16px texture that embodies the essence of Minecraft trailers, complete with intricate details that make your game experience more immersive and visually appealing.

Please note that the 3D effects and shading in this texture pack are only compatible with PCs equipped with any Nvidia RTX graphic card. Without an RTX card, or on MCPE devices, you will only have access to the classic texture pack without the added 3D effects and shading.

To enhance your Minecraft experience with this exceptional texture pack, follow the installation guidelines below:

- For Minecraft PE: Learn how to install mods, addons, texture packs, and maps by following these easy steps.

1. How to Install Mod / Addon on Minecraft PE:
Follow the instructions provided in the link to successfully install mods or addons on your Minecraft Pocket Edition.

2. How to Install Texture Packs on Minecraft PE:
To incorporate the RealSource Trailer RTX Pack (1.19) into your game, follow the step-by-step guide on installing texture packs on Minecraft Pocket Edition.

3. How to Install Map on Minecraft PE:
Customize your game with new maps by following the detailed instructions on map installation for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Experience the RealSource Trailer RTX Pack (1.19) for Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19 and elevate your gaming experience with the breathtaking visuals and intricate details inspired by Minecraft trailers. This texture pack offers a unique and immersive addition to your Minecraft world, ensuring an enjoyable and visually enhanced gaming experience.

Remember, to fully experience the 3D effects and shading, ensure your PC is equipped with an Nvidia RTX graphic card. Without it, you'll still be able to enjoy the classic texture pack on your MCPE devices but without the added visual enhancements.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your Minecraft game with the RealSource Trailer RTX Pack (1.19). Follow the installation guides provided and immerse yourself in a world inspired by the captivating visuals of Minecraft trailers. Enhance your gaming experience today with this exceptional texture pack, and discover the detailed, stunning visuals that await you in your Minecraft world.


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RealSource TRAILER RTX Pack 1.19