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May 6, 2023
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Created by profeplaysminecraft


Introducing the Teleporting Rings Addon (1.19), a unique and exciting feature for your Minecraft world. This addon allows you to create various colored plates, which can be teleported to using matching colored rings. Share this teleportation ability with your friends, enabling them to easily access your Minecraft base or other designated locations.

In this Minecraft Bedrock addon, create different colored "home plates" and use corresponding rings to teleport to these plates instantly. Crafting the first plate, known as the "Home Plate," requires 2 eyes of enders, 1 diamond, 3 smooth stone slabs, and 3 obsidian blocks on a crafting table. Customize the color of this plate by combining it with a magic-colored ring. The available colored plate options include:

- Home Plate
- Blue Plate
- Red Plate
- Yellow Plate
- Orange Plate

Each plate has a matching teleporting ring, which can be crafted using 2 blaze powders, 2 gold nuggets, and 1 ender pearl. To change the ring's color, place it in a blast furnace and smelt it until the desired color is achieved. Simply use the ring to teleport to the corresponding plate. Keep in mind that each ring is single-use, but you can create as many rings as desired.

To install this addon, follow these guides:

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Download the Teleporting Rings Addon (1.19) for Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19 and enhance your gaming experience with this remarkable teleportation feature.


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Teleporting Rings Addon 1.19