The Enderneath Addon (1.19)

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May 10, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named The Enderneath Addon

Created by Mr. Mastery


Introducing the much-awaited Minecraft Enderneath Beta: Experience an entirely new End dimension with the Enderneath Addon (1.19) that not only revamps the End dimensions but also adds a fresh biome to the End. The addon is packed with a plethora of new mobs, blocks, items, and other exhilarating features.

Key Features:

Revolutionized End Generation: Discover multiple layers in the End Dimension that breathe new life into the game, making it more exploratory than ever. Though the generation can be demanding for smaller devices, you can adjust the generation levels in the addon settings to customize your gaming experience.

Exciting New Mobs:
- Ender Frog
- EnderLing
- End Scarab
- Lumen Bug
- The Feeder
- Zelloid
- Leuistic Enderman
- Spinshell

Innovative Biomes:

Enderlax Forest: Located on the lower level of end islands, this biome is teeming with plant life, mobs, and more.

Beta Biomes:
- The Lumen Jungle (Does not naturally spawn yet)
- The End Wilds (Does not naturally spawn yet)

Please be aware that this addon is in beta, meaning it may contain bugs and problems. Rest assured, the development team is continuously working to address these issues.

Installation Instructions:

1. Install the addon and open it within Minecraft.
2. When creating a new world, enable the following experimental settings:
3. Adjust the simulation distance to its maximum (12 chunks).
4. If the features do not appear in your game, close the world, access the addon pack settings, modify the slider to a different setting level, and reopen the world. This is a known bug that the development team is working on fixing.

How to Install:
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Download the Enderneath Addon (1.19) for Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19 and immerse yourself in a captivating new world filled with thrilling discoveries and adventures. Enhance your Minecraft experience with this game-changing addon and explore the End like never before.


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The Enderneath Addon 1.19