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May 10, 2023
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Created by TrueCowboy


Introducing the True Weapons Addon (1.19) for Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.18, an enhancement that brings a diverse range of new weapons crafted from various materials, each with distinct abilities based on their weapon type. Players can now wield knives, katanas, long swords, barbed maces, war fans, kamas, bearded axes, dane axes, and more.

The True Weapons Addon (1.19) boasts several key features, enhancing gameplay and offering players versatility in their weapon choices:

1. Smithing Table: Upgrade your weapons from diamond to netherite, enhancing their capabilities and making them more formidable in combat.

2. Advanced Crafting Table: Unlock the potential of "Deathnerite," "Amethyst plus," and "Copper plus" by using these materials to create deathnerite, amethyst, and copper weapons. This table is specifically designed to craft the weapons included in this addon and is straightforward to use.

Installation is simple, but it's essential to follow the steps below to ensure the addon runs smoothly:

1. Enable the necessary settings to activate this addon.

2. Learn how to install the following for a seamless gaming experience:
a. Mod / Addon on Minecraft PE
b. Texture Packs on Minecraft PE
c. Maps on Minecraft PE

Experience an entirely new level of excitement and adventure in Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.18 with the True Weapons Addon (1.19). Download it now and enhance your gameplay with a vast array of unique weapons, crafted from special materials and boasting impressive abilities.

In summary, the True Weapons Addon (1.19) brings significant gameplay improvements and variety to Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.18 players, offering an assortment of new weapons crafted from multiple materials. These weapons possess unique abilities based on their type, such as knives, katanas, long swords, maces, and more.

Some of the addon's notable features include the Smithing Table, which allows players to upgrade diamond weapons to netherite, and the Advanced Crafting Table, which unlocks the potential of deathnerite, amethyst, and copper weapons. This table is dedicated to crafting the weapons included in the True Weapons Addon (1.19) and is simple to use.

To install this addon and ensure it runs seamlessly, players must activate specific settings and follow installation procedures for mods, texture packs, and maps on Minecraft PE.

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