World's Best Building Addon (1.19)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named World's Best Building Addon

Created by JayCubTruth


Introducing the Ultimate Building Addon (1.19), featuring an astounding 7,928 new blocks! Experience 25 unique shapes made from various materials, which can be rotated as desired. This addon also brings exciting new elements such as Concrete Stairs and Slabs, Vertical Carpets, Gold and Copper Bars, Diagonal Fences, Vine Covered Fences, Red Nether Brick Fences, Copper and Gold Chains, New Colorful Torches, Torches of Every Wood Type, New Colorful Lanterns, and 144 vibrant hues of wood planks and fences.

Addon Features:

- A vast selection of 7,928 new blocks
- 25 innovative shapes crafted from numerous materials, rotatable with the new wrench tool
- 144 new shades of wood planks and colorful fences
- Concrete Stairs and Slabs
- Vertical Carpet (Tapestry)
- Gold and Copper Bars
- Diagonal Metal Bars
- Metal Bars with Vertical/Horizontal Texture
- Oxidizing Copper Bars
- Diagonal Fences
- Vine Covered Fences
- Red Nether Brick Fence
- Copper and Gold Chains
- Connecting Chains
- Oxidizing Copper Chains
- Diagonal Chains
- 16 New Colorful Torches
- Torches of Every Wood Type
- Adjustable Torchlight level
- 48 New Colorful Lanterns
- Lanterns available in gold, copper, or iron
- Adjustable Lantern Light level
- Added copper nugget and red nether brick

Usage Instructions:

1. Place a block into a stonecutter to obtain shapes.
2. Craft the Wrench by placing three iron ingots into a crafting table.
3. To rotate a shape, simply right-click while holding a wrench, which can be held in either hand. Keep right-clicking until it is facing the desired direction.
4. Alternatively, right-click with an empty hand while crouching to rotate the shape without using the wrench.

Experiment with colorful planks, torches, lanterns, different torch woods, metal bars, chains, fences, tapestry (vertical carpet), and concrete stairs & slabs by following the detailed crafting and usage instructions provided.

Installation Note: Ensure that you activate the Experimental Gameplay: "Holiday Creator Features," "Upcoming Creator Features," and "Molang Features."

Warning: This is a MASSIVE addon and may not work on low-end devices.

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World's Best Building Addon 1.19