Biome Music Mod (1.19.4)

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May 6, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Biome Music Mod

Created by someaddon


Introducing the Biome Music Mod (1.19.4), an updated version that makes minor tweaks and provides the capability for distinct biomes to feature their own unique background music. As you venture into a new and possibly perilous location in the game, such as a cave or different worlds like the Nether or the End, you will typically hear the music playing at that time. However, not all biomes possess their own music and are often just part of the game's overall ambiance. With our Biome Music Mod, you can now give each biome its exclusive music!

Upon installing the mod, you will instantly observe a difference and start enjoying new experiences. The individually designed tracks for each biome enhance the overall player experience and grant you more control within the game. Features of the mod include more diverse music for biomes, playing both world-specific and biome-specific tunes. Additionally, modded biomes play suitable music based on biome tags, further enriching your gameplay.


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Biome Music Mod 1.19.4


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Biome Music Mod 1.19.2