Dank Storage Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)

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May 11, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Dank Storage Mod

Created by tfarecnim


Introducing the Dank Storage Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2), which brings you seven new innovative storage containers that double as backpacks, enhancing your gaming experience. Referred to as danks, these containers offer several unique features, setting them apart from traditional storage options.

Danks come in seven different tiers, each with an increasing number of slots and item capacity for maximum storage:

1. Tier 1: 9 slots; 256 items
2. Tier 2: 18 slots; 1,024 items
3. Tier 3: 27 slots; 4,096 items
4. Tier 4: 36 slots; 16,384 items
5. Tier 5: 45 slots; 65,536 items
6. Tier 6: 54 slots; 262,144 items
7. Tier 7: 81 slots; Integer.MAX_VALUE items

With three distinct modes - Construction, Bag, and Chest - danks offer versatility in usage. Switch between these modes by toggling the usetype keybind with a dank in hand.

Chest Mode: In this mode, danks can be placed and store items, functioning like traditional chests. Compatible with Simple Storage Network and RS/AE2, danks can be inserted/extracted using any form of item transport. Easily harvestable with a pickaxe or wrench, danks offer minimal clutter in your inventory.

Bag Mode: When using the bag mode, danks operate as backpacks. Sneak and hover over the tooltip to view contained items and assigned keybinds. Right-clicking opens the backpack with built-in buttons, such as Sort and Tag. Note that using external autosorting mods may cause errors and item deletion, so it's best to stick with the built-in sorting system.

Autopickup: Press the autopickup keybind (default 'p') to automatically pick up dropped items until full. Overflow items will transfer to the player inventory or the next dank. Autovoid works only when autopickup is enabled and only for items already contained in the dank. Items will be voided when a slot reaches max capacity.

Construction Mode: Activate construction mode with the keybind (default 'i') to prevent danks from being placed down and give them an enchantment glow. In this mode, sneak and use the mouse wheel to change the selected slot or utilize pickblock functionality. Right-clicking


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