Effect Tooltips Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)

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May 11, 2023
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Created by DarkhaxDev


Enhanced Effect Tooltips Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2) is a game-changing modification that significantly improves the user interface (UI) for understanding and navigating effects within the game. Gaining insight into the various effects is crucial for an immersive gaming experience, as it informs players about the strength of a specific effect, its duration, and the mod from which it originates.

With the introduction of the Enhanced Effect Tooltips Mod, players can now effortlessly access detailed information about the effects simply by hovering over them. This indispensable mod enables gamers to identify the potency of an effect, the time remaining for its activation, the effect's title, and its corresponding mod source, all while offering the option to display the ID if required.

The Enhanced Effect Tooltips Mod is an invaluable resource for players who are keen on delving deeper into the intricate world of in-game effects. This mod proves exceptionally beneficial for determining whether a particular entity possesses an effect, and if so, the nature of that effect.

Features of the Enhanced Effect Tooltips Mod include:

1. Comprehensive Effect Information: The mod delivers a wealth of information related to the game's effects, providing players with a complete understanding of each effect and its impact on their gameplay.

2. Effect Name: The mod reveals the title of the effect, making it easy for players to recognize and differentiate between various effects in the game.

3. Effect Level/Amplifier: The Enhanced Effect Tooltips Mod discloses the potency or level of the effect, allowing players to gauge the strength of the effect and its influence on their gaming experience.

4. Remaining Effect Duration: The mod enables players to ascertain the time left for a particular effect's activation, ensuring they can strategize and plan their moves accordingly.

5. Mod Source Identification: The Enhanced Effect Tooltips Mod clearly indicates the mod from which an effect originates, enabling players to track and manage their mod usage effectively.

6. Registry ID Display: For those who prefer to showcase the effect's ID, the Enhanced Effect Tooltips Mod offers the option to make the registry ID visible to players.

With the Enhanced Effect Tooltips Mod, players can now enjoy an enriching and streamlined gaming experience by gaining a thorough understanding of the effects that govern their in-game world. This mod allows gamers to make informed decisions, plan their strategies, and optimize their gameplay by providing vital information about various effects and their respective characteristics. So, enhance your gaming journey with the Enhanced Effect Tooltips Mod and


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