Faithful Backrooms Mod (1.18.2, 1.16.5)

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May 7, 2023
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Created by 8fora


Introducing the Faithful Backrooms Mod (1.18.2; 1.16.5) for Minecraft, a content-rich modification inspired by the online urban legend, The Backrooms. Stemming from a 2019 4chan thread, The Backrooms is a well-known example of liminal spaces, often portraying typically bustling areas as eerily vacant. It is characterized as a labyrinth of unoccupied office spaces that can be accessed by "noclipping" out of reality.

Key Features:
- Over 20 levels (22 when the addon is installed)
- 11+ unique entities
- Various blocks and items

How to Use:
Noclipping Guide - Noclipping can be a bit challenging, and there are several ways to do it in Survival Mode:

1. Hitting the noclip keybind (usually 'N') is possible but not recommended due to a low 1% success rate and potential damage if it fails.
2. Possessing the Unluck Effect (obtained from killing a mob) grants a 10% chance of entering The Backrooms when sleeping, starting at Level 0.
3. Discovering and touching Glitched Blocks will immediately transport players to Level 0.

Noclipping with Cheats:
If cheats are enabled or if you have OP status on a server and are in creative mode, you can use these commands:

1. Enter "/fbmenu" to open a menu allowing you to choose a level by typing its number. Note that this only works for regular levels, not enigmatics or sub-levels, and it requires creative mode. When entering an invalid level, a "That level does not exist yet" message will appear.
2. Use the command "/execute in (enter dimension name) run tp ~ ~ ~" to access any level.
3. Input "/noclip" for instant transportation to Level 0.

Noclipping Effects:
- Noclipping in The Overworld always leads to Level 0.
- Noclipping in The Backrooms typically results in entering the next level; however, each level contains its own exit, so finding the exit is recommended.

Note: The above commands do not require Creative Mode.


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