Freecam Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)

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May 11, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Freecam Mod

Created by hashalites


Introducing the Freecam Mod (versions 1.19.4 and 1.18.2), a highly useful modification that enables users to move their camera outside of their player's body for an improved gaming experience. This mod offers numerous configuration settings, allowing gamers to maintain control while keeping the camera outside the player, quickly placing blocks, and even freezing their player in place. The Freecam Mod is especially beneficial for those who enjoy building in Minecraft, as it allows users to view their creations from a unique perspective.

This modification separates the camera from the player, giving users the ability to fly around and travel through blocks within their render distance. When Freecam is disabled, the player returns to their original position, making it an excellent tool for inspecting builds and exploring the world. Although this mod is compatible with multiplayer, it may be considered cheating on some servers; therefore, exercise caution when using it.

Here's how to use the Freecam Mod:


1. Toggle Freecam (Default: F4): Enable or disable Freecam mode.
2. Control Player (Default: Unbound): Transfer control back to your player while maintaining your current perspective. This can only be used when Freecam is active.
3. Reset Tripod (Default: Unbound): Resets a tripod camera in combination with any of the hotbar keys.

Additionally, you can use the Freecam binding (F4) along with any of the hotbar keys (1-9) to enter "tripod" mode, which allows you to set up multiple camera angles and switch between these perspectives as needed.

Configuration Settings:

1. Flight Mode (Default: DEFAULT): Choose between static velocity with no drifting or vanilla creative flight.
2. Interaction Mode (Default: CAMERA): Determine if block/entity interactions come from the camera or the player.
3. Horizontal Speed (Default: 1.0): Adjust the horizontal speed of Freecam.
4. Vertical Speed (Default: 1.0): Adjust the vertical speed of Freecam.
5. No Clip (Default: true): Enable or disable traveling through blocks in Freecam mode.
6. Freeze Player (Default: false): Prevent player movement while using Freecam.
7. Allow Interaction (Default: false): Permit or restrict interaction with blocks/entities in Freecam.
8. Disable on Damage (Default: true): Automatically disable Freecam when damage is received.


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