Friends and Foes Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)

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May 11, 2023
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Created by faboslav


Introducing the Friends and Foes Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2) for Minecraft, which adds a variety of passive and hostile mobs, such as the Glare, Illusioner, Iceologer, Copper Golem, Moobloom, and Beekeeper. This mod also introduces new structures, expanding on original concepts while adding exciting, vanilla-like elements related to all these unique mobs. Enhance your Minecraft world with these new features and enjoy a more immersive experience with this vanilla-friendly mod.

Key Features of the Friends and Foes Mod:

Copper Golem: A small neutral mob with amusing behavior, the Copper Golem wanders around pressing copper buttons. Create a Copper Golem using a carved pumpkin or jack o' lantern, a copper block, and a lightning rod. Copper Golems drop Copper Ingots when they die and can be waxed or scraped to alter their appearance and functionality.

Glare: Exclusive to the lush caves biome, the Glare is a small neutral mob that can be tamed using Glow Berries. Tamed Glare mobs follow the player and help identify dark areas where monsters can spawn. They fly like bees and avoid dark spaces as much as possible.

Moobloom: Found in the flower forest and meadow biomes, Mooblooms are buttercup-covered cow variants that can be milked and bred. When walking, they have a chance to spawn flowers on the ground, and bees will attempt to pollinate the flowers on their backs.

Mauler (Great Hunger): Native to the savanna, badlands, and desert biomes, Maulers are small neutral mobs that hunt various small creatures and become hostile when attacked. They can burrow underground and have various appearances based on the biome they spawn in.

Illusioner: Found in illusioner shack structures and during raids, Illusioners are spell-casting illagers armed with bows. They attack players, villagers, iron golems, and wandering traders and use two spells: one that blinds opponents and another that summons illusions and grants the Illusioner temporary invisibility.

Buttercup: A small yellow flower that can be used for decoration, crafted into yellow dye, or planted in a flower pot. Buttercups can be obtained by shearing a Moobloom and may spawn in future versions of the flower forest and meadow biomes.

Copper Button: A non-solid block that provides temporary redstone power based on


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Friends and Foes Mod 1.19.2


Friends and Foes Mod 1.19.1


Friends and Foes Mod 1.19


Friends and Foes Mod 1.18.2


Friends and Foes Mod 1.18.1