HyStats Mod (1.8.9)

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May 6, 2023
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Created by KAD7


Introducing the HyStats Mod (1.8.9), designed to overlay crucial game statistics for BedWars and SkyWars, allowing you to monitor your in-game achievements effortlessly.

Key Commands:
- /hs: Access the general settings GUI
- /hs help: View all available commands for this mod in chat
- /hs about: Discover essential information about the mod
- /hs changelog: Review the latest features and updates since SkyWars Stats Mod v1.0.3
- /hs <sw/bw>: Launch the SkyWars/BedWars configuration GUI
- /hs <sw/bw> stats: Open the SkyWars/BedWars statistics GUI
- /hs <sw/bw> tracking: Access the SkyWars/BedWars statistic tracking GUI
- /hs setcolor: Customize the HUD color using a hex code
- /hs setsesname: Alter the "Session" prefix to another 1-8 character name
- /hs chroma <on/off>: Toggle chroma on/off and adjust chroma speed
- /hs stats: Obtain essential statistics

How to use HyStats Mod:
1. Log into Hypixel.
2. Join a SkyWars or BedWars lobby.
3. If you don't have a Hypixel API Key, type "/api new" in chat.
4. Execute the command "/hs".
5. Copy your API key into the API key text field within the settings GUI, and click save.
6. Your statistics will be displayed in the top right corner by default.
7. To customize the visible data, run the command "/hs <sw/bw>".

With HyStats Mod, you can seamlessly track your game statistics and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience.


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HyStats Mod 1.8.9