Hytools Mod (1.8.9)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Hytools Mod

Created by NintendoOS


Introducing the Hytools Mod (1.8.9), a resourceful modification designed specifically for Hypixel, featuring a range of practical tools to enhance your gaming experience. The key features of this mod include:

1. FriendCheck: This feature allows you to verify if a player shares a friendship with another player, enabling you to build a strong and reliable gaming network.

2. PartyGuess: Analyzing chat conversations, this tool helps you identify players who are part of a party. It also examines if the first player in the party has connections with any other party members. Boasting a 90% success rate, this feature may occasionally falter if Hypixel unites all players simultaneously.

3. NickAlert: Stay informed with this feature, which notifies you when a player with a disguised username joins the game. While it won't disclose the individual's true identity, it ensures you're alerted to their presence in the chat. Utilizing the Minecraft API to verify the existence of the username, this tool offers a 50% accuracy rate. For improved precision, enable the NickAlertHypixelAPI option.

Commands: To customize your experience further, Hytools Mod provides a range of commands that allow you to activate or deactivate specific tools according to your preferences.

Enhance your Hypixel gaming experience with the versatile and user-friendly Hytools Mod (1.8.9), offering a selection of innovative features to streamline your gameplay and improve your online connections.


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Hytools Mod 1.8.9