Large Ore Deposits Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)

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May 10, 2023
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Created by EnderLanky


Introducing the Large Ore Deposits Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2), a Minecraft modification that adds incredibly rare yet super-massive ore deposits to your virtual world. Discovering these vast deposits is like finding the Holy Grail, making you extremely wealthy and providing additional motivation for engaging in the mining process.

Key features of the Large Ore Deposits Mod include:

- Easily configurable ore deposits with straightforward parameters
- Predefined configurations for the most common ores
- Creation of mixed ore deposits with specified ore proportions
- In-game commands for testing and fine-tuning
- Ability to define an above-ground indicator for underlying deposits (e.g., a rare flower)
- Setting different parameters and restrictions for various dimensions and biomes
- Adding support for any ores using in-game commands or custom configs in the adlods/Deposits folder

Here are some essential commands you can use when working with the Large Ore Deposits Mod:

- /lods list deposits: Displays a list of all available deposits in the chat (config name = deposit name)
- /lods list generated: Logs a list of generated deposits with their coordinates (only for loaded chunks)
- /lods add <deposit> <rarity> <minSize-maxSize> <minAltitude-maxAltitude>: Defines a new deposit and creates a config for it (e.g., /lods add vibranium 2000 300-600 4-16)
- /lods remove <deposit>: Removes the specified deposit and its config
- /lods reload: Reloads all configs from the Deposits folder (no need to restart the game after making changes)
- /lods gen <deposit>: Generates an ore deposit in the current chunk with parameters from the config
- /lods test <deposit> <amount>: Generates an ore deposit of the specified size at the current position, replacing air blocks as well (useful for quick testing without going underground)
- /lods strip chunk: Removes all non-ore blocks in the current chunk
- /lods strip around: Removes all non-ore blocks in surrounding chunks
- /lods dress <chunk | around | all>: Restores removed blocks (note that removed blocks are not saved between sessions, so ensure all blocks are restored before shutting down the server)

Experience an underground view of the Large Ore Deposits Mod in action and uncover massive mineral riches waiting to be discovered.


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