Lootr Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Lootr Mod

Created by Noobanidus


Tired of discovering all chests have already been looted? The Lootr Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2) resolves this issue and even informs you if you've accessed the chest previously. When opening a loot chest (with a unique texture compared to Vanilla chests), the items you obtain are exclusive to you, similar to opening an Ender Chest. This ensures no empty chests and eliminates the chance to pick up other users' discarded items. For multiplayer servers, particularly those with mods relying on chest-looted items, this means finding valuable loot closer to your base. No more lengthy, server-straining journeys generating large numbers of chunks in search of an untouched chest.

The Lootr mod is now retroactively compatible, allowing you to add it to an existing world. Eligible containers placed in the world are tested for conversion compatibility. Features included in this mod apply to various Vanilla items, such as chests, barrels, trapped chests, shulker boxes, and minecarts.

Administrators can utilize the /lootr command for various purposes, such as generating specific blocks or entities using a random or specified loot table, converting a Vanilla chest into a custom inventory, and resetting Lootr chests opened by a specific player. This reverts the chest's state to gold and generates new loot when the player opens it again.

For debugging purposes, two debug options are available, which can help identify specific files to edit. Lootr data can be found in the world/data/ folder (or Your_Save_Name/data folder for single-player). The /lootr id command will attempt to print the "id" of a Lootr chest you are standing on, while the /lootr openers command will attempt to display the "openers" list of the chest in the form of player UUIDs.

In conclusion, the Lootr Mod provides a solution to the issue of empty or looted chests in multiplayer servers, ensuring players can find valuable items closer to their base and improving the overall gaming experience.


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