Mega Walls Enhancements Mod (1.8.9)

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May 6, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Mega Walls Enhancements Mod

Created by Alexdoru


Introducing the Mega Walls Enhancements Mod (1.8.9), a comprehensive upgrade for Hypixel and Hypixel's Mega Walls. Access the configuration menu with /mwenhancements. This mod boasts an array of features, including Mega Walls Enhancements, NoCheaters, Hitbox Mod, and Final Kill Counter.

Mega Walls Enhancements encompasses multiple aspects, such as color-coded health display in the tablist, a squad system with nametag changes and nick hider for your party, and on-nametag icons for squad members or reported players. The HUD displays player health upon arrow hit, and there are options to disable night vision effects, shorten coin messages, and play a sound when health drops below a certain threshold. Also, experience improved performance with options to limit particle rendering and dropped item rendering.

Additional Mega Walls Features include a Prestige 5 colored tag, HUDs displaying cooldowns for the /kill command and hunter strength, and the removal of the "Get to the middle to stop the hunger!" message during deathmatch. There are also options to prevent hotkeying crucial kit items and hide repetitive messages.

Commands within Mega Walls Enhancements include /mwenhancements howplaygame, /name, /plancke, /scangame, and /stalk.

NoCheaters is a mod that saves all reported cheaters and provides warnings when they are in your game. Warning symbols are added to nametags and in the tablist. Commands for NoCheaters include /wdr, /unwdr, /nocheaters, and /nocheaters reportlist.

The Hitboxes Mod offers customization for the F3+B debug hitboxes, allowing toggling of hitboxes for specific entities and resizing of hitboxes and the blue vector.

The Final Kill Counter mod tracks final kills in Mega Walls, offering a HUD displaying players' finals in compact or normal mode, the ability to place the HUD inside the sidebar, and tablist integration. Commands include /fks say, /fks settings, and /fks remove playername.

Enhance your Mega Walls experience with improved HUDs, commands, and features. The Mega Walls Enhancements Mod (1.8.9) is your key to a seamless gaming experience.


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Mega Walls Enhancements Mod 1.8.9