Modern Blocks Addon (1.19)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Modern Blocks Addon

Created by Vechrozilator


Immerse yourself in a modern paradise by constructing and designing contemporary structures such as homes, buildings, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, and more using innovative decorative modern blocks. Create stunning modern furniture with diverse styles, incorporate distinctive tile patterns with numerous variations, and perfect your roads with all essential tools and resources. The Modern Blocks Addon (1.19) adds over 1000 modern blocks to the game, including modern bookshelves, cabinets, drawers, tiles, and 3D block furniture. Most blocks come in 16 different colors, with wooden blocks available in various wood types. Additionally, customizable tiles allow you to create a wide range of patterns with the Tile Pattern feature.

Tools: This addon includes tools for destroying specific blocks, as it is currently impossible to destroy custom blocks faster in survival mode using vanilla tools.
- Plastic Axe: Destroys plastic-type blocks faster.
- Wood Saw: Destroys wooden blocks faster, including vanilla blocks.
- Sledgehammer: Destroys stone-type blocks and tiles faster, including vanilla blocks.

Tiles: A crucial component in the construction industry, tiles are used for building interiors and exteriors, including floors, footpaths, swimming pools, walls, partitions, and roofs. This addon offers 260 unique tiles, each with slab types and 16 different colors. Choose from five distinct patterns, Porcelain Tiles for outdoor flooring, Wooden Tiles, Checkered Tiles in 16 colors, Pool Tiles, and Bathroom Tiles.

Decorative Blocks: Use hundreds of blocks for decoration, building structures, and design. Most decorative blocks are made with liquid plastics, which is produced by smelting crude oil in a blast furnace. The addon provides alternative methods for producing liquid plastic using a Plastic Extractor, which extracts liquid plastic from the ground.

Furniture Blocks: Design interior structures like offices, kitchens, and schools with furniture blocks, including functional 3D furniture. Use Picture Frames to customize your decorations with images of your choice.

Kitchen Decor: Create the perfect kitchen with countertops, sinks, cabinets, drawers, fridges, microwave ovens, and cooking ranges. The functional water dispenser works together with a water container.

City Decor: Enhance your city with roadblocks, caution blocks, traffic cones, and other city-related blocks.

All blocks and items can be found in your creative inventory, and you can view them in your recipe book in survival mode without memorizing each block's recipe. For an in-depth guide, download and install the Modern Blocks


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Modern Blocks Addon 1.19