Name Spoofer Mod (1.8.9)

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May 7, 2023
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Created by Exploration


Introducing the Name Spoofer Mod (1.8.9) – a versatile mod that allows you to visually modify any text displayed on your Minecraft screen. It's essential to note that this mod only changes the appearance of the text and does not affect the actual string. It's also client-side, meaning any changes will only appear on your screen.

The mod works on various elements, including nametags, chests, furnaces, inventories, Minecraft items, other mods, GUI, tablist, chat, nicknames, and more. The Name Spoofer Mod also saves your spoofed names and loads them when the game starts up, offering compatibility with Replay Mod and NickHider Mod.

Command List:
- /spoof: Reset everything to default.
- /spoof <your name>: Change all instances of your username to a specified name.
- /spoof <original name> <new name>: Replace any text with a new text (both can have spaces).
- /remove <text>: Hide a specific string (can have spaces).
- /spooffirst <text>: Use with /spoofsecond (supports spaces if the color is the same).
- /spoofsecond <text>: Change a string set as "spooffirst" to a specified text (supports spaces).

These commands apply to any text on your screen and support color codes (e.g., &c[OWNER]). For instance, you can change your in-game Minecraft name to Dream using the command /spoof &c[&fYOUTUBE&c] Dream, or give a YouTube rank to everyone on Hypixel with the following commands: /spoof [ &c[ /spoof ] &c], /remove + /spoof MVP &fYOUTUBE, and /spoof VIP &fYOUTUBE.

Remember to remove the "+" separately from MVP and VIP due to different colors. This mod is an excellent addition to your Minecraft experience, enabling you to change text visually and significantly improving FPS.


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Name Spoofer Mod 1.8.9