Ok Zoomer Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)

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May 10, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Ok Zoomer Mod

Created by matyrobbrt


Introducing the Ok Zoomer Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2), a feature-packed, customizable zoom tool for enhancing your gaming experience. This mod offers a smooth, dynamic zoom with advanced features such as zoom scrolling, smooth transitions, and reduced mouse sensitivity. With Ok Zoomer, you have complete control over your zoom settings through an easily accessible configuration screen via the Mod Menu.

Key Features of Ok Zoomer Mod:

1. Cinematic Camera: Experience a seamless camera movement similar to OptiFine, but with greater compatibility with Vanilla’s cinematic camera. The mod offers three modes: off, vanilla, and multiplied. The vanilla mode emulates the game’s cinematic camera feature, while multiplied mode adjusts the smoothness, increasing or decreasing the lingering effect.

2. Reduced Sensitivity: Inspired by WI Zoom, this feature dynamically adjusts mouse sensitivity based on the zoom level, allowing for greater precision when zoomed in. You can enable or disable this feature as needed.

3. Zoom Transitions: This unique feature adds smooth transitions between zooming in and out to avoid abrupt changes. Choose from three modes: off, smooth, and linear. Smooth transitions resemble Vanilla’s dynamic FOV, while linear transitions maintain constant steps until the desired zoom level is achieved.

4. Zoom Mode: Customize the zoom key behavior with three modes: hold, toggle, and persistent. The hold mode requires you to press and hold the key to zoom, toggle mode allows you to switch between zoom levels with a single keypress, and persistent mode makes the zoom permanent, using the key to scroll through zoom levels.

5. Zoom Scrolling: Another feature introduced by WI Zoom, this allows you to use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. You can fine-tune its settings in the Values section.

6. Additional Keybinds: Enhance your zoom experience with three extra keybinds: "Increase Zoom," "Decrease Zoom," and "Reset Zoom." These keybinds work best with a toggled or persistent zoom and can be enabled or disabled as needed.

7. Zoom Overlay: Add a visually appealing overlay while zoomed in, with the default texture being a vignette. You can change this texture via a resource pack, with the path being "assets/okzoomer/textures/misc/zoom_overlay.png."

Values and Adjustments:

1. Zoom Divisor: Set the value to be applied to the FOV while zoomed in.
2. Minimum/


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