Oxidized Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Oxidized Mod

Created by Areuthreateningme, safrodev


Introducing Oxidized Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2), a Minecraft enhancement that expands the potential of copper with new items, blocks, and entities. As a Vanilla+ mod, it offers a variety of unique features that blend seamlessly into the game.

Key Features:

- Copper Pulsar: An electromagnet-inspired tool that allows players to collect experience orbs and items from up to 10x the normal pickup range. Easily switch it on or off with a right-click.
- Copper Rail: Functions like the Powered Rail, but with a significantly extended power range of up to 100 blocks compared to the Powered Rail's 8 blocks.
- Vertical Cut Copper: An aesthetic building block featuring a copper design with a central line. It can oxidize like regular copper but can be waxed with a honeycomb to prevent the process.
- Copper Kiln: A unique furnace type, perfect for quickly producing terracotta, bricks, stone, charcoal, and glass. It works similarly to the smoker and blast furnace.
- Copper Lantern: A new type of lantern emitting a green flame, crafted with 8 copper nuggets surrounding a torch. Functions like regular lanterns.
- Rose Gold Tools: A new tool material made in a smithing table, offering durability and mining levels similar to iron tools, but with the speed and enchantability of gold tools.
- Copper Pan: A special block for passively panning resources like clay and iron nuggets when placed in water on a sand or gravel block.
- Copper Golem: A mob based on the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021, created using a copper/cut copper block, carved pumpkin, and lightning rod. It can press copper buttons and will un-oxidize when struck by lightning.
- Copper Trap: A bear trap-like block crafted with 6 copper ingots and 2 flints, which deals 5 damage and immobilizes its victim when stepped on. It can be manually toggled or controlled with redstone.

Experience the potential of copper in Minecraft with the Oxidized Mod, and enhance your gameplay with these exciting new features.


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Oxidized Mod 1.19.2


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Oxidized Mod 1.18.2


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