Shnupbups's Quicksand Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Shnupbups's Quicksand Mod

Created by Shnupbups


Introducing a unique block addition to your Minecraft world with the Shnubbups' Quicksand Mod (1.19.2; 1.18.2): Quicksand! Without this fascinating block, a desert landscape would be incomplete. Acting as a natural trap, quicksand serves as a protective element for Mother Nature.

Previously, Minecraft only offered a single type of sand, which lacked the true characteristics of desert sand. The Quicksand Mod was designed to address this limitation, adding a realistic touch to the game's desert environments. Found exclusively in desert biomes, quicksand exhibits properties similar to powder snow.

Beware when traversing these deserts, as stepping into quicksand without leather boots will cause you to sink. Once fully submerged, you'll begin to drown, making it crucial to escape quickly! Additionally, if a Zombie spends too much time submerged in quicksand, it will transform into a Husk.

Key Features:
- Enhance your world with the addition of Quicksand!
- Quicksand is found only in Desert biomes, providing a realistic experience.
- Behaving much like Powder Snow, Quicksand poses a unique challenge for players.

Upgrade your Minecraft adventure with the Shnubbups' Quicksand Mod and experience the thrill of navigating through realistic desert landscapes!


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Shnupbups's Quicksand Mod 1.19.2


Shnupbups's Quicksand Mod 1.19.1


Shnupbups's Quicksand Mod 1.19


Shnupbups's Quicksand Mod 1.18.2


Shnupbups's Quicksand Mod 1.18.1