Simple Discord RPC Mod (1.19.4, 1.18.2)

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May 9, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named Simple Discord RPC Mod

Created by hypherionsa


Introducing the Simple Discord RPC Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2), a versatile and user-friendly addition to your Minecraft gaming experience that seamlessly integrates with your Discord status. This innovative mod enables you to showcase either the default Minecraft or a personalized modpack name on your Discord profile, allowing others to see exactly what you're enjoying at any given moment. This feature is particularly beneficial for modpack creators seeking an effective advertising method or individuals desiring an aesthetically-pleasing means of displaying their current activity in the Minecraft universe.

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For modpack designers looking to promote their creations, incorporating this unique mod into their promotional efforts can effectively increase visibility and attract potential users. By displaying the modpack name on a user's Discord status, the Simple Discord RPC Mod (1.19.4; 1.18.2) provides an unobtrusive yet impactful means of advertising modpacks to a broader audience.

On the other hand, casual Minecraft players can also benefit significantly from this innovative mod. Enhance your gaming experience and exhibit your passion for Minecraft by showcasing your current in-game activities on your Discord profile. This added touch of personalization allows other Discord members to see what you're up to in the world of Minecraft, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among fellow gamers.

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Simple Discord RPC Mod 1.19.4


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Simple Discord RPC Mod 1.19.2


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Simple Discord RPC Mod 1.19


Simple Discord RPC Mod 1.18.2


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Simple Discord RPC Mod 1.17.1


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