TugkanDeMan's Weaponry Mod (1.19.2)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named TugkanDeMan's Weaponry Mod

Created by tugkandeman


Introducing TugkanDeMan's Weaponry Mod (1.19.2), an enhancement to Minecraft's vanilla swords. This mod introduces a variety of new weapons, including swords, maces, macuahuitl, and breaker blades.

Key features of this mod include:

- Copper Sword: A high durability stone sword alternative
- Steel Sword: A high durability iron sword alternative
- Soulmetal Sword: Inflicts significant damage to Piglins
- Gilded Netherite Sword: A stylish Netherite Sword reskin

To obtain the powerful Soulmetal Sword, players must venture to the Soulsand Valley and gather a substantial amount of Soul Fire using their Steel Sword. Soul Fire can only be collected in its natural state and cannot be artificially created. By right-clicking on Soul Fire with a Steel Sword, players can collect the resource, eventually transforming the Steel Sword into the formidable Soulmetal Sword. This weapon deals substantial damage to Piglin-type mobs and can be upgraded with a Netherite Ingot.

Other unique swords include:

- The Bloodthirster: Crafted with a Netherite Sword and a Totem of Undying, this sword heals the player when attacking mobs, with greater healing at lower health.
- Glass Rapier: Crafted with one iron ingot and two glass blocks, this fragile sword deals damage equivalent to an iron sword at half the cost. However, it may shatter unexpectedly during combat. Enchanting it will maximize its effectiveness.
- Katana: Crafted with a Netherite Sword and Netherite Scrap, this sword grants a strength effect when used in conjunction with a speed effect from potions, beacons, or while holding the katana in the off-hand.

- Wooden Club: Crafted with logs instead of planks in the wooden sword recipe
- Copper Mace: Crafted with a stick and a copper block in the smithing table
- Iron Mace: Crafted with an iron ingot and an iron block in the smithing table
- Steel Mace: Crafted with an iron mace and a steel block in the smithing table

- A powerful sword crafted with two logs, one stick, and four flint. Do not enchant with Mending.

Breaker Blade:
- A potent sword crafted by smithing a Netherite Block onto a Netherite Sword.

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TugkanDeMan's Weaponry Mod 1.19.2