The Doggos Resource Pack (1.19)

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May 7, 2023
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minecraft hacked client named The Doggos Resource Pack

Created by Parzival_, PixalThePixeled


Minecraft wolves can often appear bland due to their single texture, but that's no longer the case with The Doggos Resource Pack (1.19)! This pack allows you to enhance your canine companions by introducing new dog breeds, each with its own unique texture. Gain access to 37 tamed dog textures, including 29 different dog breeds that can be unlocked using a special nametag on your tamed canine friend. This bedrock version of PixalThePixeled's Java Edition Texture Pack "The Doggos" is just the beginning, with even more breeds to be added in the future.

Key features:

1. Place a nametag on an anvil and rename it, e.g., "Dobermann." Ensure the first letter of the name is uppercase, be mindful of spaces, and remove the quotes (” “).
2. Use the renamed nametag on a tamed dog, and voila! Your dog's texture will be updated.

A list of dog nametags is available to guide you through the process of adding new breeds to your Minecraft world.

Installation instructions:

- Learn how to install mods/addons on Minecraft PE.
- Discover how to install texture packs on Minecraft PE.
- Find out how to install maps on Minecraft PE.

Ready to transform your Minecraft canines? Download The Doggos Resource Pack (1.19) for Java Edition via the provided links and get started today!


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The Doggos Resource Pack 1.19