Created by Thomas Alexandre


Salwyrr is a client/launcher designed to significantly increase your FPS. There are numerous built-in mods. Client-side anti-cheating is effective. Everyone gets free skins.

Salwyrr can boost your FPS by up to 2.5x while also making your game run cleaner.

It also includes offline accounts if you want to play on cracked servers.

What exactly is a "Offline account"?

These accounts allow you to play Minecraft offline or on servers where "online-mode" has been disabled.

This option is especially useful if Mojang's servers are unavailable due to maintenance or if you do not have access to the internet.

To play on premium servers with our client, you must ALWAYS buy the game; we strongly discourage the use of stolen accounts or other alt systems.

(If you wish to join Salwyrr discord: